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Premier Alliance Premier Alliance Premier Alliance

Technology Staffing

When partnering with Premier Alliance you don't have to imagine!

Advantages over other technology staffing services :

  • Specialized Recruiters-Specialized recruiters in each of our industry / technology areas know the unique skills and requirements of each industry/technology and where to locate the best people in that field.

  • Quick response time- Because we are constantly recruiting people, we have a database of qualified candidates ready to go to work.

  • Carefully screened, qualified candidates- Our comprehensive recruiting, screening and testing process means you get qualified candidates with the skills to fit perfectly into their positions.

The right choice for technical recruiting and staffing services

Premier Alliance is a leader in providing project based and full-time consultants for all areas of the Information Technology and Management environment. Through industry best-practices our consultants provide collaborative services allowing for full knowledge transfer and long-term functionality. Our professionals are experts in both proactive and reactive consulting: Proactive in providing knowledge, guidance and suggestions; reactive in following the directions of management and assimilating with the team.

Our professionals are among the best and brightest in their area of expertise. Our ability to attract and sustain industry leading expertise is unmatched. We are
constantly improving through continuing education programs designed to increase overall effectiveness with the goal of providing the best services available in the industry.

Our account managers and recruiters have the many years of experience necessary to effectively partner with our clients to ensure an efficient services process. Through general and specific client project awareness our account managers and recruiters will be empowered to streamline the staff augmentation process allowing for faster response and more affordable services. Our account managers and recruiters are constantly networking with IT and Management professionals across many industries. This leads to an educated awareness of overall market trends and status which can be utilized to more effectively partner with our clients.

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